Photo Retouch & Restoration


You never know where old family photos will turn up. Have a boxful? Albums full? No way to make copies? Copies that are bigger than the original? Have they seen better days? Need a little TLC?


Scanning & Digitization

Have old prints you would like to have in an electronic format? We can scan for use on the web, reprints, or enlargements.

Retouch & Restoration

Have old family photos that have seen better days? Need to make some alterations to an image? Our services include the following:

  • removal of small scratches & spots

  • fixing small tears

  • color correction

  • cropping / straightening

Reprints and Enlargements

All scanned files can be created for reprinting. If you need files that will enlarge the photo, we can make sure the enlargement will come out as expected. From double the size to full wall graphics.

© 2019 Elms Harris Design, LLC

© 2019 Elms Harris Design, LLC